How to Factory Reset Hp Laptop Without Password


how to factory reset hp laptop without password

How to Factory Reset Hp Laptop Without Password I'm gonna show you guys how you guys can reset um on hp laptop this is hp so I'm gonna show you guys how you can do that like easily okay guys so be there with me guys so like um let's say if you have this laptop you forget the password that's only what you can do to reset it okay let's go this is the shift button press and hold the shift button okay and you go on the computer you click restart does it restart you go like the power mode and you click to restart 

I'll show you guys easy power mode you guys go over there and you click restart remember like I said press and hold the shift button and you guys go over there and click restart yes it starts and the company is about to restart so so remember while the company is loading never shut it down okay now y'all got the setup menu and stuff so remember what I did again press hold remember what I did up click shift and I hold it and I click on the power button I click restart so once it's restart now 

I got it now got the option the menu um remember guys what you got to go what you guys gotta do click um troubleshoot click on it and reset this pc choose okay this is two options this is two option the first thing is is reset keep my files but the second one is remove everything but most of the time when you reset like everything um the computer take like more time to get set it up and stuff so that's why my recommendation so if you ever want to do that guy so make sure you guys just click um keep my files and so I think like 

It's gonna be better for you guys to finish the set setup in the process and stuff so once the computer is loading and stuff you guys might need to if you don't want some files you can just go over there into the files and stuff um for this one so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna click all my files so remember guys this process is going to take like couple minutes is even which company that you're using um this is going to take like a couple minutes so whatever minute also the system is restarting you see guys so like 

I said so the system is exciting okay when you go over there so guys so when you go on the section what i said where they said to keep my files all remove my files or clean up all my files sometimes if you do click clean um keep my files sometimes it might not work in some time you can just say um remove everything okay right here you can just say just remove all my file or full clean drive um click just remove my files and the process is coming all right so he's working right now guys so like I said it's really easy so it's easy you see guys um what you go gonna do over there do next you reset and then the system is processing okay actually we are on one percent um so stay there with me guys so whenever he's 100 so you're gonna see the process and stuff everything and ice work and everything guys so once again don't forget to subscribe to my channel and also 

I have a twitch account guys so I'm gonna put the link in the description below so make sure you guys give me love to go back um stop by my twitch account so give me some loves so I do need some subscribing on my twitch account guys so I really appreciate that all right guys so yeah I can see like um so what I'm gonna say if yeah see the number coming up really fast I'm just gonna put the video on a pose so whenever it's like 80 so I'm just gonna compose the video I don't have to do a long wait because I don't want to make the video too long okay guys the process right now is 46 46 guys okay guys so I'm instead of about to be finished so but I'll just make sure 

I go all the way um to make sure you guys see everything I do like so I really appreciate you guys for your time okay so y'all see the process is finished so you'll see like everything right now so it's I this is how you do that um you guys do it the process is finished so once again thank you for watching folks thank you for watching the video so now the computer is just like start bringing you this is going to take a couple minutes for the updates and stuff and I really say I really appreciate you guys thank you just give me a like subscribe share the live share the video everything thank you guys thank you once again my name is Louise Ulysse thank you